Why Mionetto

First. Many wine companies make Prosecco, but we are focused on Prosecco first and we’ve been focused on it since 1887.
Best. The best rated Prosecco. We are proud to be consistently recognized by the press for our wines. Click here to read what they say about us.
Freshest. Freshness matters with Prosecco. We bottle our Prosecco to order so the product gets to the shelf as fresh as it can be.

  • Styles—we believe there is a Prosecco for every moment of the day. Our three lines—IL, Prestige and Sergio—offer a style, flavor and price to meet every one.
  • Packaging—from the crown cap on our IL line, to the award-winning design of the Sergio bottles and the recycled paper used on our Organic Brut labels and shippers, our packaging is part of the unique experience of our wines.

Consistency. The quality is unsurpassed in each bottle of our wine. It is the foundation of everything we do.

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